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Chief Adept ~ Ronnie Hedge, IX°
Royce Taylor, VII°
Celebrant 2016-2017

OFFICERS for 2016-2017
Title Name
Chief Adept Ronald Hedge, IX°
Celebrant Royce Taylor, VII°
Suffragan T. J. Henwood, VII°
Treasurer George K. Coffman, VII°
Secretary Robert Jackson, VII°
Primus Ancient Douglas E. Dobbyns, VII°
Secundus Ancient William Paul Wilson, VII°
Tertius Ancient Samuel D. Lattin, VII°
Quartus Ancient Silas M. Wilson, VII°
Conductor of Novices Martin E. Warren, VII°
Organist Bert O. Miller, VII°
First Herald  
Second Herald  
Torch Bearer David B. Bassett, VII°
Guardian of the Caverns Michael P. Lockhart, VII°
Medalist Earl W. Chaney, VII°
Acolyte Johnnie Savage, VII°
Librarian Paul Craig, VII°
Prelate Steven G. Tiner, VII°

For OFFICIAL Information Contact:
Robert Jackson, VII°
Phone: 501-758-4941

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