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William L. Miller, IX°,
Chief Adept
4 Aspen Rise, East Granby, CT 06026
(h) 860 - 651-1386 (c)860-716-0004

James S. McNeely, VIII°
Celebrant 2017-18

The Connecticut College usually meets four mornings a year at the
York Masons Hall, 784 Main Street in East Hartford, CT, concluding with a lunch.
Fratres of the Rose and Cross are welcome to visit.
Feel free to contact me or our Secretary to confirm dates and directions.
Meetings for 2017
February 4, 2017
May 6, 2017
September 23, 2017
November 18, 2017

  • Chief Adept's 2017 Message
    What is a Rosicrucian? By Martin Ede VII°
    Uroborous by Robert J Knowles,IV°
    Five Practices of Growing Masonic Bodiesby Charles McCollum, IV°
    Meditation and Masonryby Joseph MacDonald IV°
    Our Lodge, Our Sacred SpaceBy James McNeely, IV°
    Historical Summary of a Dept. Commander, Grand Encampmentby Vincent A. Cowie, IV°
    The Anti-Freemason Party and its Impact on Modern American Politicsby Thomas Placzek Jr., VII°
    The Beauceant - Go Forth In Gloryby Francis G. Way, VII°

    OFFICERS for 2017-2018
    CHIEF ADEPT William L. Miller, II, IX°
    CELEBRANT James S. McNeely, VIII°
    EXPONENT Vincent A. Cowie, IV°
    SECRETARY/TREASURER Charles B. Fowler, Jr., VIII°
    PRIMUS ANCIENT Charles A. McCollum, VII°
    SECUNDUS ANCIENT Charles D. O'Neill, VII°
    TERTIUS ANCIENT Stuart K. Drost, VII°
    QUARTUS ANCIENT William A.G. Mackey, VII °
    PRELATE Frank G. Way, VII°
    FIRST HERALD James C. Kleinkauf, IV°
    SECOND HERALD Clyde W. Kayser, IV°
    TORCH BEARER Randy S. Stevens, IV°
    LIBRARIAN Gary A. Littlefield, VII°
    GUARDIAN OF CAVERNS Glenn A. Jacques, IV°

    Audit: Ancients Papers James S. McNeely, VIII°

    Stephen E. Canada, IV°
    Budget & Finance: Charles B. Fowler, VIII° Robert Y. Chan, IV°
    James S. McNeely, VIII° William L. Greene, IV°
    Vincent A. Cowie, VIII° Glenn A. Jacques, IV°

    Clyde W. Kayser, IV°
    Long Range William L. Miller, IX°, CA James C. Kleinkauf, IV°
    Planning: Vincent A. Cowie, VIII° Mark C. Mueller, IV°
    James S. McNeely, VIII° & SM AMD Daniel R. Peirce, IV°
    Richard L. Sawyers, IV°
    Randy S. Stevens, IV°

    Membership Paul L. Chello, VIII° Projects & Programs William AG Mackey, VII°, Chm.
    Charles B. Fowler, VIII° Martin Ede, VII°
    Richard A. Eppler, VIII° Robert Y. Chan, IV°
    Vincent A. Cowie, VII° Frank G. Way, VII°
    Charles C. Maxson, VIII°
    James S. McNeely, VIII°

    Nominations Charles B. Fowler, VIII° Ritual/Equipment William L. Miller, IX°,
    Vincent A. Cowie, VII° Charles B. Fowler, VIII°

    Refreshments William L. Miller, IX°, CA
    Presiding Sov. Master AMD

    William L. Miller, IX°,Chief Adept

    Charles B. Fowler, Jr., VIII°
    525 Stillwater, Windsor, CT 06095
    (h/c) 860-688-8799

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