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Paul S. Newhall IX°
Chief Adept

William F. Reinhold, VII°
Celebrant 2018-19

For OFFICIAL Information
Jay L Cotner, IX° Secretary
3031 Colonial Dr.
Charlottesville, VA 22911-9114
Phone: 434-978-3809 Cell: 434-960-3158

    The Virginia College generally meets twice a year on the second weekend in June (Annual) and in the Fall with our ladies at a resort. The Annual meeting is part of a "In-gathering" of AMD Bodies held in the Richmond, Virginia area whereas, the Fall meeting is held at a resort or some distinguished place for business and special festivities with our ladies.
    The SRICF is a research society and its primary purpose is to enhance the masonic education of our members, expand their knowledge of the ancient mysteries, and nave a better understanding of the world at large. Meetings, in part, are compose of speakers and papers presented that are submitted for publication in the SR1CF "FAMA". Membership is restricted to Master Masons of the Christian Faith and by invitation only from their peers.
    SRICF Proposal for Membership 2014.pdf Officer Seating Diagram

OFFICERS 2018/2019
CHIEF ADEPT Paul S. Newhall, IX°
CELEBRANT William F. Reinhold, VII°
SEC-TREAS Jay L Cotner, IX°
Suffragan William T. Hargrove, VII°
1st Ancient James B. Bartley, VII°
2nd Ancient Alan W. Adkins, VII°
3rd Ancient George B. Dungan Jr., VII°
4th Ancient Roy B. Henderson Jr., VII°
*Conductor of Novices Robert W. Carpenter Jr, VII°
*Organist Benjamin F. Hill, VII°
*1st Herald Joseph E. Gadea, VII°
*2nd Herald Donald McAndrews, VII°
*Torch Bearer Patrick C. Murphrey, VII°
*Guardian of Caverns Bobby Hines, IV°
*Medallist Jason W. Lotz, IV°
*Acolyte Mark Pennypacker, VII°
*Librarian Howard J. Snowden, IV°
*Prelate Joseph Branden Hale, VII°
NOTE:* Appointed by Chief Adept

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